How to take better pictures underwater!


I have been running workshops around the world teaching underwater photography abroad and within my dive center for the last 20 years.I have personnaly won many awards and am extensively published in magazines and online.
Also an avid videographer, my footages can be found in national geography documentaries, Netflix, CNN and other film productions.

If you are bored or stuck at home during the confinement or if you just want to get better… Then this is the time to up your game in underwater photography.

I will be running an underwater photography courses online in 2 different parts:

The first part will cover underwater photography in all its aspects from
the theory of light to the correct type of equipment, exposure techniques, flash positions, composition etc. In order to improve your imagery underwater.
A full hands-on proper expertise and advices. The duration of the virtual class will be around 2:00 to 4:30 hours and will host 3 participants maximum in order to allow proper interactions and questions.

The second part will cover the dark room workflow with extensive usage of Lightroom or Photoshop to improve your pictures and also discuss about exposure and light positions. Participant will be asked to send 5 pictures in high resolution and RAW format in order for Gerald to work with you on them during the meeting.

You can choose to attend both Part 1 & 2 or only one part.
Cost per each part of the course: 2500 Rs.
Cost for both Part 1&2: 4500 Rs
Please get in touch with Gerald on WhatsApp: +230 52517830 or by email: or Messenger.


• 13th and 14th of March 2021 : Fully booked
• 20th & 21st of March 2021: Fully booked
• 27th & 28th of March 2021: Fully booked
• 3rd & 4th of April 2021: Fully booked
• 11th & 12th of April 2021: 2 Spaces Available

The courses can be run at your convenience upon agreed time if you have 2 to 3 people interested in learning how to take underwater pictures.


• Rahul Cheekhooree: Thank you for this fantastic opportunity to gain better knowledge about underwater photography. I really appreciate, you dedicating extra hours to help us improve our shots!

• Simon Bowen: If you are an underwater photographer, and want some guidance by one of the worlds best, then sign up for this course! Gerald is an awesome instructor, with extensive knowledge (has been for me over the years!) and has me taking photos even I like! I have been on many of Gerald’s photography workshops with Siren Fleet and Master Liveaboards in Raja Ampat, French Polynesia, The Solomons…. and will continue to as soon as we are able. In the mean time you couldnt do better than to take part in this brilliant online course that is on offer. Get in touch and see what a difference it will make to how you take photos underwater.

• Bea Ruspini: Ta formation ce samedi a été top! Merci pour ta patience ,ton professionnalisme, tes conseils avisés en se mettant à la hauteur du participant….explications claires….en fonction du matériel perso .. du pur bonheur….Adaptée à notre niveau, plein de bons conseils !!
9h de formation intensive dans la bonne humeur…je suis ravie.
Merci Gerald Rambert🐠🐳

• Christian SingFat: Thank you Gerald Rambert. The online underwater photography course was a great insight of your dedication and passion as a photographer and a diving instructor. I have learn a lot in uwp technics and respect of the underwater world. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and passion. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in underwater photography.

• Loic Forget: “Really good one to one trouble shooting & workflows for underwater photography/video course. Gerald’s lengthy career & experience on the subject brings invaluable contributions to our understanding of capturing the sea. I really hope more enthusiasts sign up to his course especially with all the problems our underwater friends are facing so that the legacy or our planet can remain sustainable.” 🐠🦐🐙🐋🐬

• Xavi Balcells: Thank you so much Gerald for the course! It was awesome and very useful! I would highly recommend it! You rarely get a world-class UW photographer sharing his knowledge and answering all your doubts and questions! Gerald doesn’t keep ANYTHING for himself, he shares as much as he can! Also he is really passionate and has an extended knowledge about the sea and it’s conservation which makes the course even more interesting!Thanks a lot it was awesome! Can’t wait to go diving!! The only bad thing about the course is that you made me want to get a better equipment and ill have to invest a lot 😂😂

• Andriy Ko: If you doing first steps (like me😊), or you have many years of experience in both diving and photography, the course “Underwater photography” from the award-winning Gerald Rambert will open the whole world of photo-techniques, programs to fine-tune images, photo-equipment and accessories for any budget. Gerald will also share insights from his competition history, technical tricks to turn a raw image into a piece of art, and will do a live demo. Friendly and laid-back atmosphere, wealth of knowledge and experience, engaging interaction with the course participants. I am sure that after this course, the quality of your underwater images would improve and shine with new touches. Thank you for the course!

• Stephane Robert: I also had my two sessions Underwater Photography courses with Gerald and I must say it was awesome. You MUST do it as you’ll learn an amazing amount of stuff. Gerald is not only a professional underwater photographer but also a great teacher as he gives everything from the bottom of his heart with so much generosity. All questions were answered straight away; he’s an encyclopedia of photography techniques and I feel very honored to had the chance to participate to these courses. Thanks Gerald, thank you so much again. Now the ball is on my court to improve picture’s quality…😜

learn how to take photos underwater like the ones below

Theses pictures were taken with a compact camera only