Komodo Photographic Workshop (September 27 – October 6, 2008)

First I need to apologise being quiet for such a long time. I was moving house and country and now I am back to Mauritius where I am operating my partly shared diving center on the west coast of the island. The worst is I still don’t have internet at home and this is quite hard to get things done without it!

Anyway I wanted to let you all know about this amazing trip we are doing this year and it is a must for you to come and join us! Just added it to the workshop section of my website so go check it out. Here’s a few images of the SY Siren, the luxury yacht on which this workshop will take place.

Winning Image

I was really surprised when I came home today after my traumatic tooth removal experience, to discover that my pictures has been selected number one on the incredible images contest by judges’ panel of the magazine. This shot was taken on a Canon Powershot A95 with a Inon fisheye lens and one Inon strobe, just to show again that compacts are great and they can achieve incredible jobs.

Results: www.scubadiveraa.com/contest/contest_results.php

Last Diving Trip (Panglao Island, Phillipines)

I came back about 2 weeks ago from the Philippines, where i was doing a feature for Diver Magazine. I have updated the “Reefs & Wrecks, Marine Life and Macro” sub-categories of the Nikon D70 portfolio. I was staying at the Ananyana resort, on the north west part of the island. 30 minutes by boat, you reach the island of Balicasag, where the diving is absolutely fantastic and the picture opportunities endless. It is principally renowned for the abundance of small critters and its diversity.The article will appear at the end of this year generally, but I will let you know when it is out if you want to know more about it.

Below some of the pictures i brought back:

Diver Magazine, August 2007

In the last issue of Diver magazine, Brendan O’Brien covers the general feeling and atmosphere of the competition over 5 pages. He was following us during the competitive dive. I am sure some people might not be very happy about some comments, but have a look at it , it is very funny!!!

Interview on Oceanica-tv.com

When I was in Mauritius for the world championship, Oceanica was following the event. They are a french web tv and unfortunately the interviews and the short movies like mine, are mostly in French, but some of them are English-speaking. Very informative, and you can have the point of view of different people on the championship, and much more….

Website: www.oceanica-tv.com

Underwater Photography Mag (No. 37)

In this 37th issue of UWP, I wrote a few words about the world championship, and how I lived it as a participant. UWP is rich in information for everyone who wants to know more about underwater photography and it also covers diving destinations. So if you want to know more, check out their website.

Website: www.uwpmag.com

Digital Compact, Open Day with Ocean Optics-Mavericks Diving and Ocean Visions (July 14, 2007)

Maria Munn and I, have been invited by Ocean Optics for this event where we will be making four presentations throughout this open day.

Maria will begin the day’s talks with an introduction to getting started in digital compact photography. This will show you a little of what these inexpensive cameras can achieve and provide a taster of what’s to come later on in the day. I will then take over with a presentation on advanced techniques using strobes and macro, wide angle and fisheye lenses. This will show you how combining these accessories with a little imagination can create professional level images to be proud of.

Maria will then take to the stage to explain the black art of post image manipulation. She’ll show you how to process your photographs on your computer to draw out the best possible results. Its essential knowledge that can make or break an image.

Then I will provide the final talk of the day. I will discuss the thinking that goes into producing great images. You’ll learn how I chooses my subjects, how I think about lighting and how I compose each image for maximum impact.

Throughout the day, there’ll be time to talk individually with Maria and I. You are welcome to bring your laptop with no more than ten images for us to look at, if you’d like some one to one coaching on the day. This is on a first come, first served basis!

Portfolio Nikon D70 Update

I have recently updated my Nikon D70 portfolio, with some little changes. I have combined the “Ambiance” and the “Reefs & Wrecks” portfolio and added the “Action” portfolio. This new section will include pictures of all the active watersports. I have also added my recent pictures of Mauritius which are all at first position within the categories. I am looking forward to get back there to take shots of my friends from the west coast surfing and wakeboarding. Wait for me guys, I’ll be there soon!

Runner up for “Best Behaviour” at ADEX Photographer of the Year 2007

My interrogation mark picture won the second price for “Best Behaviour” at the ADEX Photographer of the Year 2007. I will never forget this dive and couldn’t believed what i was seing. The 2 lionfishes started to draw patterns into the small group of fish on the side of the wreck “TUG II” in Mauritius. This shot was taken using a compact Canon Powershot A95 with an add-on Inon fisheye lens and a Inon strobe Z220.

World CMAS Championship, Silver Medal (Macro)

I got myself on the podium of the 11th World CMAS Championship in Macro category this year in Mauritius. My winning nudibranch picture was taken on a wreck after being found by my buddy and model. Thanks Estee! For this shot I used a Nikon D70 with a 60 mm lens in a Subal Housing kindly lent to me by Ocean Optics for the occasion. Thanks Steve and Mark for always being so helpfull! It was an amazing and challenging experience that I will never forget!