I was born in Mauritius in September 1979. I spent all my youth in the north part of the island surrounded by nature and sugar cane field. I have always been passionate by the underwater world and soon, I started to build aquariums and became an active free-diver. I didn’t miss a chance to go for a swim. After my scholarship, I have worked for 4 years in agriculture, but I couldn’t resist the irresistible melodies of the mermaids. I quit my job and started diving with my fellow instructor Christophe Pelicier who taught me what I know today. Thanks bru! I started working for a diving center in the north part of the island, where I met Mathieu Meur, a world re-known underwater photographer, which I bought my first camera from, a Canon Powershot A20. At that time it was a great compact camera. With my friend Paul France who taught me my Photoshop skills we started taking pictures of people underwater and I started to sell my first underwater pictures.

After one year, I met Thierry – aka Maxi-me – my second mentor, who gave me opportunities to take more and more pictures and who pushed me and motivated me. But I would have never been able to be where I am today without the help of one main person, my lovely friend Amanda, who encouraged me and believed in what I was doing. Thanks a lot Zippy.

My passion became so big that I organised the first national underwater photography competition other two consecutive years: Photo H2O. I would like to thank specially Pierre Szalay and Xavier Pigeot for their precious help, and of course all the sponsors.

So here I am today, still taking a lot of pictures, and sleeping with my fins…

Special thanks to Jurgen aka Gun from Bark in the Yard, Inc for making this website possible. I hope my pictures will inspire some of you!