Raja Ampat 2012 – photography workshop

Raja Ampat is now one of my favorite place. It is as surreal above and underneath the surface of the water. You travel around all these little island, untouched and covered with plants and forests. Amazing contrasts with the booming underwater life.

One day we used the kayaks and went for a little tour around the blocks… In a few centimetres of water, you can see sharks, incredible coral lives, clownfishes and you name it..

It is the dream of the underwater photographer, from the macro life to the big animal, including the mantas rays, the giant bump head parrot fish and the occasional crocodile.

I had the chance to try the new poseidon rebreather with the instructors of Worldwide dive and sail. An amazing experience and up to its reputation… the fish are not scared. They come right up in your face.

I would like to thank again all the people who have been there for me during the trip, as i lost my mother while i was there. Thanks for your support and enjoy the pictures.

Some of you might want to have a look at our little fun video of our trip click  HERE

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