12th world CMAS championship – Jeju island – South Korea

Unfortunately this time at the 12th world championship i didn’t manage to bring back a medal for my country. Jeju was a great experience and diving in 15 degrees water was something really new to me…..Quite traumatic!

It took me basically 3 days to get used to theses conditions. We were one of the few people wearing a wetsuit, everyone else diving in either a semi-dry or completely dry suit. Once i forgot my gloves, but it didn’t took me long to realize what was missing. we could barely last more than 45 minutes in the water and most of the dives were ending with a headache.

On the first dive of the competition, Estee, who was modeling for me, had some problem going down with her ear. It took us 15 minutes to get them sorted. Being left with not much time, i manage to get my wide angle shot with model, with took me to the 8th place of this category. The second dive was a mess! we were dropped in the wrong place and we had to surface and get dragged again to the right area. Once down, the cold kicking so hard, we had to abort without any shots. Count of the firs day: 1 pictures only for 5 categories.

The second and last day was better. I managed to get through the other categories and was actually pretty proud of my shots. Unfortunately, they didn’t work for the Jury. Have a look:

Underwater, the scenery was  amazing. Large kelp in the first 15 meters, and loads of giant soft corals deeper. Theses were the largest soft corals i have ever seen. In between, and amazing sea-life with a wide variety of nudibranchs. Fish-wise, Jeju has a lot to offer with some nice portrait opportunity, specially with the St Pierre.

Looking forward to get back there one day….. with a dry suit!

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