Zimaz Dilo March 2009

I am proud to announce that I have won the third edition of Zimaz Dilo. I am thus representing Mauritius in the CMAS world championship this year in Jeju island, South Korea. Estee will be following me on this new adventure and will pose for me and assist me underwater. I would like to thank the MSDA for their support and sponsorship and will do my best to represent my country. Keep posted!


3 Responses to “Zimaz Dilo March 2009”

  1. Asha Says:

    Congratulations Gerald!! The photos are amazing…as always!!

  2. Brian Says:

    You are such a hard working talented person! Those photos are superb… Good luck to you in S Korea.

  3. Gerald Rambert Says:

    Thank you very much for all your good words. I really appreciate!

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